Our Philosophy

It is our belief that all patients who come to our office want and deserve the finest dental care that can be provided. For this reason we will spend the needed time to diagnose dental disease, treatment plan, and educate our patients on causes of dental disease and how to prevent it. In turn, we are able to form a more meaningful relationship with patients so that a bond of trust is formed. Patients can receive the highest quality of care with confidence.

We are committed to excellence and will not compromise our standards of care.

We also have very strong beliefs on what restorative materials are utilized in our office. It is evident that amalgams, or silver fillings, are no longer the best restorative material available. Silver amalgams require the dentist to remove more healthy tooth structure, they do not support remaining tooth structure, and they act as a wedge to cause teeth to crack, split, and sometimes irreversibly damage the tooth. Bonded composite restorations and porcelain onlays however, allow the dentist to preserve healthy tooth and reinforce remaining tooth structure. And they last as long as silver fillings. Through the bonding of dentin and enamel the risk of tooth fracture is reduced. bonded composites and onlays also do not contain mercury as amalgams do and are much more aesthetic as they can be color matched to the tooth.