Laser Therapy

Gum re-contouringcap_odyssey_laser_new

Even with perfect teeth and alignment, a flawed gum line can detract significantly from the beauty of your smile:

  • Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look too short
  • Receding gums can make your teeth look too long and unhealthy
  • An uneven gum line can make your teeth appear to be crooked
  • Discolored gums can give an unhealthy look to your smile

We use the Ivoclar Diode Laser in gum re-contouring procedures, correcting all of the problems your gum line is causing. Laser gum re-contouring is safer, less painful, and requires less recover time than gum treatment with a scalpel.

The laser creates less bleeding, reduced chance of infection, is more precise, and produces less swelling.