Perio-Esthtic Laser Dentistry

Perio-esthetic laser dentistry is the latest technology in the treatment of the soft tissue of the smile, incorporating the gingival aspects or gum tissue as an essential ingredient of smile design. In effect the prettiest teeth shall not compensate for uneven, unhealthy, swollen and angry red gums. The gingival tissue in essence frames each individual tooth, helping to enhance the tooth and adding to the over-all orchestration of the smile.

gingivectomy-beforegingivectomy-afterConstructive and imaginative manipulation of the gum tissue can provide the necessary illusion to create the perfect smile when the anatomical aspects of the oral cavity and the face do not permit it. Laser is used to intimately negotiate the curves and folds of the gingival tissue without having to cut and suture them. The laser allows for free flowing sculpting and description of soft tissue by using an ergonomic pen-like laser handgrip.

This is a painless and quick method of achieving an exact and precise design of gingival tissue that will match and enhance the smile, especially when incorporating new porcelain veneers to alter the smile.

lynell“Dr. Rader changed my life. I was always self conscious about my smile but after getting veneers, I can’t stop smiling. Dr. Rader walked me through every step and answered my many questions. The fact that his strives for perfection and uses the newest technologies made me feel very comfortable. I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

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