Laser Dentistry

cap_odyssey_laser_newLasers have forever changed the care we can provide our patients. At Walnut Creek Aesthetic Center, lasers are utilized to recontour gum tissue for a more pleasing appearance and to treat periodontal disease.

In the event of gum disease or periodontitis from mild to severe, the laser is the tool and modality of choice. It is a quantum leap in the treatment of a disease that strikes broad and wide throughout the American public. Laser is a gentle, conservative and non-invasive alternative to the old-fashion non-laser cut and suture method. Utilizing a thermal laser that kills up to 99% of the bacteria, which happens to be the cause of periodontal disease, without having to significantly excise or eliminate gum tissue, represents a quantum leap in treatment.

Gum re-contouring

Even with perfect teeth and alignment, a flawed gum line can detract significantly from the beauty of your smile:

  • Excess gum tissue can make your teeth look too short
  • Receding gums can make your teeth look too long and unhealthy
  • An uneven gum line can make your teeth appear to be crooked
  • Discolored gums can give an unhealthy look to your smile

We use the Ivoclar Diode Laser in gum re-contouring procedures, correcting all of the problems your gum line is causing. Laser gum re-contouring is safer, less painful, and requires less recover time than gum treatment with a scalpel.

The laser creates less bleeding, reduced chance of infection, is more precise, and produces less swelling.