Office Tour

At Walnut Creek Aesthetic Center you comfort is very important to us. You’ll find that our highly trained team caters to our guests, providing them with VIP treatment to help them relax and enjoy their visits.

Have you ever used the words “Indulgence and dentistry” in the same sentence? One visit to our practice and you shall.

The amenities are obvious from the moment you walk through our door. In our reception area, we invite you to enjoy refreshments from our beverage bar.

While you are in the treatment rooms, we provide a few “extras” to make your experience exceptional.

Refreshments. Enjoy water and refreshments from our guest bar.

Cable TV. Each treatment room has its own cable TV. So catch up on the news, check the market, or enjoy a favorite show.

Personalized Music Selections. Each treatment room offers Satellite Radio to accommodate every music enthusiast. From Classical to Rock and everything in between, you sure to find something to enjoy

Soft Warm Blankets. If you find you are a bit chilly in the treatment rooms, feel free to ask for one of our extra soft and warm blankets. They surely make you want to fall asleep!

Aroma Therapy. Allow us to relax you through specialized sences of aroma therapy.

Warm Scented Towels. The perfect way to freshen up after treatment. You will leave our office feeling clean and renewed.