For the past ten years I have struggled with chronic headaches. I experienced them so frequently that I couldn’t tell you the last time I remembered having a day without one by the time I started treatment with Dr. Rader. They ranged from dull tension headaches where l felt like I was living in a fog, finding it difficult to concentrate, focus or remember things to very severe migranes which disrupted my ability to work, study or function in any way. My vision was often blurred and the pain so intense that I could not hold my head up or even open my eyes. In addition to the headaches, I was also experiencing painful popping of my temporomandibular “jaw” joint when chewing or yawning, and pain and tenderness in my neck and ears. I had tried everything, over the counter pain and allergy medicine, prescribed migrane medicine, maintaining a healthy life style with a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise, relaxation therapy and accupuncture. I sought treatment from numerous doctors including other dentists for TMJ, Allergists, Opthamologists, and even a Nuerologist speacializing in chronic headaches. The only relief I found prior to treatment with Dr. Rader, was accupuncture, which only lasted for a short period of time.

My true relief finally came this past year, after using a custom made mouth guard during sleep every night and when possible during the day. The mouth guard was custom made as a result of having a complete diagnostic workup done by Dr. Rader, which included a very extensive evaluation of my temporomandibular joint and the muscles associated with it’s function. Essentially the mouth guard was very meticulously created to ,when in place, maintain the nuetral/relaxed position of my temporomandibular joint and its associated muscle groups. This reduced the stress and tension on my joint resulting in a significant reduction of pain and headaches. This treatment has been so effective that with in the first few weeks I noticed my headaches to be both less frequent and less intense. The pain in my ears and into my neck had also improved. After two months of using the mouth guard, I rarely experienced a headache and when I did it was very mild. Now it has been 12 months since I first began treatment with Dr. Rader, I rarely experience a headache and when I do it is usually after I have forgotten to wear my mouth guard or can be attributed to lack of sleep or increased stress. I have only had two migranes, where before I was experiencing them once every week and at best every two weeks. Using my mouth guard has incredibly improved my quality of life. I am no longer irritable or stressed from the chronic pain, I have more energy and mental clarity, and I can eating without worrying about my jaw hurting. I am so thankful for Dr. Rader and the mouth guard he created for me.

Corie C.